By far the side of the restaurant that will be most influential in catching a future customer’s eye, is the outdoor restaurant design.

Of course, though, everything else the place has to offer like its bar or the dining room makes for a (we hope) stunning restaurant customers will love, but if they are deterred by everything around it while they are walking in, they will surely think twice before ordering.

Here is what you can do to create a pleasant outdoor restaurant design you would even sleep overnight in.

Do Your Law Homework

Even having your custom sidewalk or a fence could be in violation of a local regulation, so first contact your local authorities to determine whether designing a great outdoor restaurant is restricted in some way you didn’t think of.

Do your research – the last thing you want is to start building only to find out you’re breaking the law, so get permission first, especially if you want to serve drinks or play music outside.

Better safe than sorry.

Lighting and Mood as Outdoor Restaurant Design

Nobody wants to dine in either too dark or the opposite.

Carefully decorate your outdoor restaurant design with some outdoor lights or similar light sources like candles or even Christmas lights.

Be mindful, do not go overboard and make your customers feel like all the street passengers are watching them.

Also, take care of emergency heat sources such as infrared lamps or electric heat radiators in case the outdoor gets suddenly too cold.

In colder times these almost call out to passengers to enter.

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A Great Nameplate Sign for Your Restaurant

After having thoroughly investigated what you can and can’t do about the appearance of your outdoor restaurant design or an open garden restaurant design, develop a stunning sign post with the name of your restaurant, or have a professional do it.

Nothing screams “old” and “vacant” more like an old bleached out temporary Coca-Cola sign with your business’ name written on it.

Do understand that most business name signs are never laid sight upon by customers.

Make the extra effort so that even at first glance customers realize you hold a restaurant – with a welcoming outdoor, mind you – and not a second-hand screw shop.

Restaurant Information

Which brings us to the following:

For a best restaurant patio design, you should showcase a book or a similar source of information regarding your business and even more important, your menu.

This helps customers immediately realize you hold a restaurant and also helps them decide whether they ultimately want to spend some time and money inside.

A nicely designed menu also speaks of your proficiency.

Do not forget to display whatever information you are also legally bound to, such as smoking or parking signs.

Based on the regulations of your area, this may save you a few hundred bucks down the road.

Beautifying an Outdoor Dining Space

Make sure the music you extend your restaurant’s ambiance to your entrance isn’t too loud.

Many popular chain restaurants employ this technique.

An awning over your entrance area could also serve a multitude of purposes.

It protects against sun or rain and it adds a welcoming feel to your restaurant. Many companies specialize in awnings, helping you design one for your own business.

Check some restaurant patio ideas pictures.

Restaurateur News - Outdoor Restaurant Design
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