Restaurant employee rules are something every restaurant has, whether if it’s in a written form or just one of those commonly known rule sets.

It’s good to have these rules so everybody knows what’s expected of them without any misunderstandings later on.

Restaurant employee rules are used to regulate safety standards and type of behavior between the staff and customer.

Most of these rules are just kitchen rules and regulations for staff while some imply to the waiters as well.

Restaurant Employee Rules For Hair

Employees hair should be secured all times to avoid getting it in the food by chance and thus risking a very bad PR.

Kitchen staff usually wears caps to keep their hair out of the way. That’s not the case with waiters.

They don’t wear caps, although it’s recommendable for waitresses to wear ponytails since it’s a form of protection of a sort.

It is also expected from male waiters to have neatly trimmed facial hair in order to keep up the appearances.

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Personal Hygiene

Keeping in mind that restaurant workers work with food, hygiene should be kept on the top level.

It’s implied that every staff member washes their hands regularly. They wash them in between every meal they make, after using the restroom or after the smoke break.

Restaurant staff, especially the waiters are expected to smell nice as well. A light perfume should be enough as long as you don’t smell like sweat.

Restaurant rules for waiters also include clean and not slippery shoes along with the rest of the uniform in a representative condition.

Customer Care

Different restaurants have different approaches to customers but they’re all similar to one another. Types of restaurants dictate the approach.

It certainly won’t be the same in fast food restaurant where you wait in line to pick your meal and in some fine dining establishment where a waiter serves you with various wines, drinks, meals etc.

If you’re working in a higher-class restaurant make sure you pay each customer the attention they deserve, but don’t bore them with your presence as well.

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Communication skills

A dose of professionality is demanded from each staff member individually. Wheather if it’s talking to your fellow colleagues or wishing the customer a warm welcome as they’re entering the restaurant.

Swearing is absolutely forbidden in front of the customers and all the internal disputes between colleagues (if there are any) should be taken care of elswhere.

Dealing with angry customers is the time where your communication is crucial to avoid a scene. To read more about this subject, click here.



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