If you want to run a successful restaurant one of the things you absolutely need to keep an eye on, is restaurant kitchen cleaning.

Dirty grill or fryer, untidy working surfaces, and dishes, dusty floor etc. are a no go zone. Mentioned working conditions won’t bring you any results for the long run.

Clean kitchen affects staff mood and productivity. In the end, it can result in a way that your workers are happier which will only increase productivity.

Speaking of restaurant kitchen cleaning, you can always hire restaurant kitchen cleaning service to do the job for you.

However, some managers consider it to be the waste of money and just have their own staff do the job.

The key to doing the task right is organization.

There has to be professional kitchen cleaning checklist that’s going to save a lot of time and divide responsibilities between workers.

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Most cleaning schedules are arranged in daily, weekly or monthly tasks that need to be handled on time. Daily kitchen cleaning checklist is by far the longest.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Checklist:


Daily checklist

  • Mop floors
  • Empty trash bins
  • Wash the can opener
  • Wash the meat slicer
  • Clean the fryers
  • Brush the grill
  • Wipe down walls wherever there are splashes
  • Run hood filters through the dishwasher
  • Change foil linings of grill, range, and flat tops
  • Disinfect preparation surfaces
  • Sweep walk-in refrigerator
  • Put all cleaning rags in dirty laundry
  • Put all aprons and chefs coats in laundry (not with cleaning rags)
  • Switch cutting boards


Weekly Checklist

  • Use drain cleaners
  • Wash and sanitize walk-ins
  • Clean coffee machine
  • Delime sinks and faucets
  • Clean ovens, including the walls and sides
  • Sharpen knives


Monthly Checklist

  • Empty and clean freezers
  • Empty the ice bin, clean and sanitize
  • Wash walls and ceilings
  • Wipe down the dry storage area
  • Change any pest traps
  • Restock your first aid kit
  • Empty grease traps
  • Wash vent hoods


As long as you keep a tight schedule and follow the list to the last item you kitchen should be as clean as a whistle.

Naturally, the main chef is the one that should be supervising that every task is done right and on time. After all the kitchen he works in is his reflection of a sort.

It’s clear there is a lot of equipment in the kitchen and cleaning every bit of it can be a handful.

But if you have everything written down, surely you won’t forget any of it. You can find the complete list of restaurant kitchen equipment here.

Another advantage of a regular restaurant kitchen cleaning is that you won’t have any problems with sanitary inspection.

It’s good to have in mind they can close the entire restaurant because of the unsanitary conditions. That will result in huge financial losses and loss of trust from your customers.

Let’s face it, you’re going to lose your reputation and probably half of your customer base when and if you reopen.

That’s a risk some owners are willing to take, but it isn’t worth it.

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