Over the years many restaurant owners have doubted whether to incorporate restaurant reservations or not.

There are many opposed opinions if that’s a smart move or not.

Some restaurants work in a way that they only have reservations otherwise you can’t go to the restaurant.

In other words, they’re super busy so they don’t have time for walk ins by other customers. Everything depends on the circumstance whether your restaurant needs reservations or not.

If you know what type of restaurant you’re going to run, you should first think of the size of your restaurant and the impression you want to give to other customers.

Reservations are mostly connected to fine dining and a lot of people connect reservations for more expensive meals.

Besides everything said, always keep in mind that having restaurant reservations or not will affect your place in a way where the public will have a different image of it.

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1. Good And Bad Sides of Restaurant Reservations

The biggest benefit of having restaurant reservations is that you know how many people are going to be at your restaurant.

This gives you an opportunity to manage your kitchen and staff appropriately.

The bad side of reservations is that you’re limiting your spots and at the same time limiting your sales.

To avoid this problem you can always leave a few tables empty so other customers can show up. Another bad side of reservations is that you never know if someone who made a reservation is going to show up.

If someone doesn’t show up it still burns restaurant’s money.

Some restaurants even require a credit card so you can hold the table and charge it with a set fee if the customers don’t show up.

2. Calling Upon Arriving

A trend that is turning out to be pretty useful for restaurants is call-ahead seating.

This is a perfect example of a reservation and a walk in combined.

When a customer is on the way to a restaurant they can call and they’ll be placed on the waiting list.

This way their waiting time is going to reduce while they are on the way to the restaurant.

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3. Don’t Overbook

When your place starts with restaurant reservations, be careful of one thing.

Overbooking can sometimes be a problem since a table can be late or if someone sits at the table longer than normal.

When you’re overbooked, people who reserved their spot will have to wait for their table.

Waiting for a table that you reserved for an exact time will definitely anger a customer.

4. Tracking Your Restaurant Reservations

To stay organized so you can keep track of your reservations, there is probably a restaurant reservations app that can help you in that.

You can also find an online restaurant reservations system but sometimes they’re not the best thing to use. Having a notebook to keep track of your reservations is also fine.

The only important thing is that the person who is in charge of taking reservations knows what they are doing.

Also, a good advice is to have a designated staff person to be in charge of the process so you can stay organized and so your customers don’t have any problems with reservations.



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