Being a great manager and running a successful crew is nearly impossible without restaurant staff meetings.

If there weren’t any, you’d end up with insufficiently organized workers that don’t understand everything that’s expected of them.

The bigger your staff is, restaurant staff meetings make more sense. There are more tasks to divide and situation to handle/discuss.

Although most of the staff despise them and consider them to be a waste of time, they can be useful if conducted properly.

That’s why we prepared a sample agenda for restaurant staff meeting along with few tips that will help you improve your game.


Plan a schedule ahead

Whether if it’s a short pre-shift meeting or your monthly meeting it should be scheduled in a way that works for everybody.

Firstly because nobody would like to come on their day off and listen about the current situations at work when they were supposed to be resting.

That’s why if you have a restaurant that works in shifts, make your restaurant staff meetings in between shift where it works for everybody and you don’t waste anybody’s time.

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Make it a forum rather than a lection

These meeting shouldn’t be only about the division of assignments.

They’re also a chance to listen to your staff’s problems. In that way, you’ll get to know them a little better and improve their work ethics.

Everybody likes to be heard once in a while whether it’s about an angry guest situation or the shortage of supplies in the kitchen.

Think of it as restaurant team building.

Restaurant staff meetings shouldn’t take forever

One of the reasons people hate these meetings is because they’re mandatory and usually take too long.

That’s why people feel you’re wasting their time and get bored real fast especially if you start discussing irrelevant topics.

You can find an amusing blog post about a boring staff meeting here.

Keep in mind that its manager’s decision how long the meeting last and it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to go through the relevant tasks. Everything above is just the result of poor time management.

Another thing you should beware of is to include the restaurant staff meeting into your employees working hours. They sure as hell expect to get paid for every hour spent at the restaurant.

Make an agenda and tackle the relevant topics

The whole point of this meeting is to address the current problems quickly and effectively and to deal with them.

There are all kinds of situations your staff can be not satisfied with. Sometimes it is the division of shifts and somebody feels like they’re unfairly treated because they’re assigned to night shifts.

Other times they complain about unpleasant customers or the minor disputes with one another.

The important thing is to show them that you care about their problems and find a solution that is fair to everyone.

You can also discuss what can be done to encourage repeat customers or how to improve your service quality.

Division of labor and side tasks is also relevant because everyone needs to know what to do when not on a break instead of walking around without a purpose.

Reward the hard-working

If a member of your staff is slacking, be sure to mention it during the meeting.

However, it’s also useful to commend the ones who are working hard and trying to please every customer.

You can implement all sorts of reward systems to encourage your workers to be better and better every month. A little healthy competition won’t hurt.

An employee of the month concept doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Don’t save money on that one, get them some tickets for a basketball game, or a weekend for two at some resort.

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