If you’re in this business for the long run, restaurant insurance is one of those things that’s on the must-have list.

It may seem like an unnecessary financial expense at the moment of acquiring one but when something actually happens to anyone/anything at the restaurant it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You’re probably wondering what kind of insurance does a restaurant need? Rest assured, we got you covered.

There are different sorts of restaurant insurance one can get and each one covers only some accidents, so pay attention and decide which one/ones are the best for you.

General Liability Restaurant Insurance

This type of insurance provides protection from lawsuits. It covers expenses or injuries a third party suffered at your restaurant that can be of different origin.

This includes both your employees and your equipment/inventory (let’s say a chandelier fell on your customers head or someone got food poisoning eating at your place).

Most commonly it includes the vehicles registered to the restaurant but be sure to check your insurance contract just in case.

Restaurant Property Insurance

This one implies to the building itself. It protects you from all sorts of unexpected misfortunes such as fire, robbery, explosion etc.

The insurance covers all the things restaurant owns including the kitchen equipment, inventory, the building itself and more.

When signing this insurance policy read the fine print since there are some insurance companies that don’t cover earthquakes, floods and similar natural disasters.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Insurance Fire
Source: The Maspeth Blog

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s insurance is a type of insurance that makes sure your employees are taken care of in case something happens to them on the job.

It covers the medical expenses plus lost wages your employee wasn’t able to work due to his injury.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is usually mandatory to have by law. To check the prices depending on the area you live in, click here.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor insurance is also usually mandatory in many states. It’s even a condition to apply for a liquor license.

This insurance covers the possible lawsuits for the property damage, DUI that turned into an accident or crimes committed by a guest you served at your restaurant (usually already intoxicated).

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Insurance Drunk Guest
Source: The Rail Media

Life Insurance

This is a smart move for the restaurant owner, especially if he has some unpaid debts or a mortgage.

It’s a fail-safe that will certainly please your loan officer and give your family some sense of security you’re not going to leave them with a pile of debts if you die.


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