Restaurant employee theft is something most restaurant owners are familiar with in one way or another.

There probably isn’t a restaurant owner out there that hasn’t been ripped of by his greedy employee at least once.

The latest surveys showed every three out of four restaurant employees admitted to stealing something at least once during their working hours at the restaurant.

Whether if it’s a kitchen theft, bar theft or generally theft in food service it shouldn’t be neglected by the manager for it will only continue to happen.

It sends the bad picture out there and none the less causes financial losses for the restaurant.

That’s why you need to make sure that doesn’t happen again, or at least do everything you can to stop it.

Restaurant Employee Theft – POS

The most common and usual thefts happen at the register of course, since that’s where the money is.

There are different ways employees figured out to cut you short and fill their pockets with your money.

They can “accidentally” print the wrong receipt, delete the printed checks, using the old receipt for the same meal or not provide the bill at all.

These types of theft are more common in smaller restaurants which don’t have systems to prevent that from happening.

This is why you should definitely get a better POS system that will stop anyone trying to rip you off (if you don’t have one already).

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Employee Theft POS
Source: Advanced Computer Expert & POS

Stealing From The Inventory

It’s not a strange occurrence at all, especially at a restaurant. Your employees can steal pretty much anything here.

From raw goods such as meat and dairy products to napkins, dishes, cups, plates etc.

That’s one of these things where an inventory check every few months/weeks doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Although it’s a hassle, if you want to keep all the goods accounted for you should carry it out (by your self possibly).


Time Theft (Slacking Off)

It is as clear as a day that nobody gives 100% effort during the whole 8+ hour shift.

Sometimes people just don’t feel like giving their maximum, they’re tired, had a bad week or whatever.

Sometimes people just don’t feel like giving their maximum, they’re tired, had a bad week or whatever. That shouldn’t be tolerated.

When your workers are slacking off you’re actually paying them for nothing and thus losing money.

You should also regulate the overtime hours in a manner there can be no fraud.

If provided with an opportunity, workers often write more hours on the sheet than they have done indeed. Looking long term, that’s a couple thousands of dollars annually for a mid sized restaurant.


Restaurateur News - Restaurant Employee Theft Camera
Source: Arcdyn

As described, there is a lot of non-moral behavior going on at the restaurant and you can’t simply fix it for a days time.

One of the efficient ways to handle these situations is setting up a couple of cameras at key spots in the restaurant (entrance, POS system, kitchen supplies…)

Acquiring cameras and obtaining better POS systems won’t root out the stealing for good, but it’s a good restaurant theft prevention for start.

It will certainly discourage possible restaurant employee theft and at least reduce the theft to a minimum level.

More information about this topic and ways to prevent it can be found here.


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