If you’re opening a new restaurant one of the first things to do after hanging the “open” sign or even before that is to build restaurant website.

Having a website is one of the basic means of attracting new customers and a huge disadvantage if you don’t have one.

Practically everybody is online these days and everyone is surfing the web. If they want to find out about your restaurant internet is the best place for advertising.

Having a place where customers can find the basic info about the place, location, phone number, menu items etc. is crucial for any profitable restaurant.

That’s why we bring you a few tips to build restaurant website for your establishment.

Restaurateur News - Build Restaurant Website Website
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Build Restaurant Website Content

This is the part where you decide what is your website going to contain. How will the content be distributed?

There are a few typical patterns with slight variations, but in the end, they all look the same

Some of the regular stuff on the website is “About Us”, “Menu”, “Location”, Job Opportunities” etc.

You can organize it any way you like, as long as it does the job. Putting some pictures of the interior doesn’t sound like a bad idea as well.

Depending on the variety of services you provide, you can also put stuff like “Special Events”, “Catering” or any other service. Basically, everything that sells, goes on the web.

Design and Technical Support

You can choose what to put on your website, but if you want it to look properly you’re gonna have to pay a fair amount of money.

That’s why setting up a budget to build restaurant website is a smart thing to do. To get a proper design you’re gonna have to pay a couple thousand dollars at least.

It may seem like too much at first but think of it as a long term investment.

Make sure that your page is optimized both for desktop and mobile phones. You must take in consideration that a lot of people use their smartphones more than laptops.

Restaurateur News - Build Restaurant Website Design
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Online Ordering and Reservation

Booking for reservations online is one of the crucial things to put on your web. It gives the customers the ability to reserve their spot at your place without picking the phone up.

The same goes if your restaurant offers take out with delivery. Just remember to make it simple and short that it doesn’t take too much time.

Otherwise, you’re likely to lose a customer who’ll just find some other restaurant to dine at.

Quid pro Quo

Once you set up a website, make a deal with local hotels, travel agencies, bars and more. Arrange that they add your website link to their brochures/websites and in return, you do the same.

That way you get a part of your advertising campaign for free and save money that can be used for something else.



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