Nowadays, restaurant apps have become more and more important for advertising and promotion of many different restaurants around the world.

They are growing rapidly with millions of new users every year and therefore easing up many peoples wonderings – Where to eat tonight?

Restaurant apps offer all sorts of possibilities these days. You can get directions to the place, arrange food delivery, make a reservation, read recensions and more…

You’d be surprised that TripAdvisor alone has over 380 million users. A larger part of that number don’t review restaurants exactly but still a huge market.

Check out our list of the most used restaurant apps:




Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps TripAdvisor
Source: Ulster Rugby

Many people think this is just one of those restaurant apps for Android or iOS which reviews hotels and best travelling attractions but that’s not the case.

TripAdvisor offers over 4.2 million restaurants listed, each with a number of reviews and recensions.

Restaurant Finder

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps Restaurant Finder
Source: Android Headlines

If you were ever wondering: “Is there an app to find restaurants near me?” the answer is right here. Wherever you are in the USA, don’t worry about food as you can get all the information about the restaurants of your choice with this app.

Open Table

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps Open Table
Source: BentoBox

Open Table offers a various option for choosing the restaurant of your likings. IT has a substantial data base of reviews and recensions.

You can filter the offer by the type of cuisine and location that seems fit to you and then make a reservation through the app. In the end, you can rate the restaurant as well.


Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps Tasteful
Source: Vimeo

Vegetarians, vegans and other people wistful of healthy food with low carbs will be the ones using this app the most. They can choose from over 250 thousand restaurants across the country.

People love it so much since you can choose your dietary preferences and keep your diet in line by visiting only the restaurants that serve healthier food.

Restaurant Apps Like Yelp

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps Yelp
Source: The Verge

Yelp has over 100 million restaurant and business reviews worldwide, as well as tons of additional features to help you find the services that you’re looking for. It’s like a stock market for places to eat shop and drink at.


Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps Grubhub
Source: Digital Trends

GrubHub is focused on browsing menus from your local restaurants and then choosing the perfect one for your self and get it to the front door.

Find. Eat. Drink.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Apps Find Eat Drink
Source: Brought up 2 SharE

A more professional app where you can find recommendations for dishes written by top chefs and industry’s experts.

Restaurateurs, sommeliers, and chefs come together to give their take on what are the best eating establishments in the area, so you know you’re in good hands when you read a review.

You can read more about this app here.


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