In order to improve the connection with your employees and their cohesion also considering team building activities for restaurant staff doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Team building activities for restaurant staff will significantly increase the motivation of your workers and therefore boost their performance.

Team building will make your workers get together and form bonds as well, meaning they’ll function better as a crew which is the key factor of your restaurant running smoothly.

Arranging a couple of these a year is more than enough. But don’t expect a dream team of cooks and waiters right away. It takes time and effort to achieve such a mission.

Remember that the most important thing for your team building is to be fun and interesting giving the manager and the employees a temporary escape from everyday routine.

Hosting a sports event

Organising some sort of a sports gathering should be carefully planned. The type of a gathering depends on the size of your staff and their gender as well. You won’t certainly throw a soccer game if you employ mostly female workers.

If that’s an issue, choose something for both sexes like bowling or even paintball. As long as everybody enjoys it, it doesn’t really matter.

Bubble soccer can maybe solve that problem.

Restaurateur News - Team Building Activities For Restaurant Staff Soccer
Source: Amazing Team Building

Pub Quiz

Going to a pub quiz will give your coworkers the opportunity to show some knowledge and have fun along the way. The competitive spirit of the quiz will surely bond the participants who share the same desire to win.

If your staff aren’t the type of people for this contests, you can always just go to the bar and do the same thing without the quiz part. Cocktail parties or some other thematic place might do the trick.


Similar to the sports event with the slight exception of people shooting are each other. That’s a good way to relieve yourself from job-related stress and blow out some steam.

If some of your coworkers aren’t getting along try putting them into same teams. Eventually, they’ll have to settle their differences if they want to win.

It may be fun to have some sort of reward for the winning team just to keep things interesting. Like

Restaurateur News - Team Building Activities For Restaurant Staff Paintball
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Indoor Team Building Activities For Restaurant Staff

Since the outdoor activities are highly dependant on time conditions, the proximity of the location and the overall mood of your staff to go anywhere you can always gather after working hours at the restaurant.

Playing board games, karaoke, having a movie night or just casual chilling are all good choices.

If your staff is relatively new and don’t know one another you should try some icebreakers first. Truth or dare and similar games (preferably with booze involved) are one way to go.

For more icebreaker games, click here.

There are all sorts of games to play in a restaurant for employees, you just have to figure out what (and what not) your crew is into and have a good time in the end.



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