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Restaurateur News - Restaurant Areas
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Restaurant Areas – More than the Sum of its Parts


Whenever you enter a fancy new restaurant you’ve never been to before, you probably never think of it as a collection of areas, but as an immersive, holistic place. However, hardly ever do restaurateurs construct their restaurants that way, they most certainly plan in terms of restaurant areas. The guide we bring you is exactly how it is done.

Restaurant Areas – Introduction

In a restaurants kitchen consists one of main and auxiliary areas. These departments within a restaurant must be connected and harmonized. The different parts of a restaurant are the following:

  1. receiving area
  2. storage area
  3. preparation area
  4. cooking area
  5. auxiliary areas
  6. areas for administration and staff
  7. restroom areas

Receiving restaurant areas are connected to the back yard of the restaurant and its back entrance. The size depends on the capacity of the kitchen and manner of delivery.

The storage area is divided into dry storage and storage for easily perishable goods.

  • Dry storage is located next to the main kitchen area. It must be dry, cold, dark and facing North. Food is kept in its original packaging, assorted on the shelves, in wooden crates or in closed closets.
  • Storage for easily perishable goods must be located close to the preparation area. The goods are kept in large refrigerators at low temperatures, 4-5 days the most. Meat, fish, and vegetables can be kept in freezers for a longer period.
Restaurateur News - Restaurant Areas
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Preparation restaurant areas – every large kitchen consists a separate room for meat preparation. It must be separate from the fish preparation area and be close to the cooking area. It must have all the necessary tools and appliances. Fruit and vegetable preparation area must also be properly equipped and separate from the other two.

The cooking area consists of the kitchen hot line, cold line, dessert line and breakfast line.

  1. Hot line is in the center, where a large number of hot entrees are prepared. It must be properly equipped.
  2. Cold line must be light and airy and is used for the preparation of salads, cold soups, cold sauces, etc.
  3. Dessert line is intended for the preparation and plating of desserts.
  4. Breakfast line for the preparation of warm and cold beverages and simple meals.

Restaurant Areas – Restrooms

Restrooms are sections of a restaurant often overlooked in planning. Don’t make your restaurant an afterthought. Usually, restaurants occupy a small space, so it’s easy to dress them up and give them some character, without spending a lot of money. A coat or two of funky paint and some inexpensive artwork can go a long way. The most important part of a restaurant’s restrooms is cleanliness. Cleaning the restroom restaurant areas periodically throughout the day will present a good image of your restaurant to patrons.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Areas
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Restaurant Areas – Outdoor

If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor dining space among your restaurant areas, such as a deck or patio, your business should be extended to these valuable components of a restaurant too. Sturdy outdoor tables and chairs are a must. Planters and small fairy lights can add additional ambiance. If the view from your outdoor dining area isn’t all that great, like a parking lot for example, consider building a lattice wall with some climbing plants or other divider. And don’t forget about shade. Umbrellas or awnings are vital during the hot summer months for customer comfort. Read more about outdoor dining spaces.

Waiting Area

If you have the space for a waiting area, be sure to have benches or chairs for customers.

Also keep some menus nearby, so they can peruse them as they wait. This is also a good place to display a bulletin board of other events at your restaurant (wine tastings, weekly specials, happy hour, etc…).

No matter what your theme or concept, a new restaurant should have well thought out the design for the dining room and kitchen. All your restaurant areas work together, to create a unique experience that will keep customers coming back!

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Areas
Source – Bangkok



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