A very modern trend in business is not to try and beat the competition by doing everything they do, but just a little better, it is rather to offer something so unusual and unique there is no other business to compete. Innovating in restaurant themes and concepts along with innovating in dishes and prices is yet another dimension to success. Food enthusiasts, bloggers, reviewers and everyone else sure love surprises, so we bring you 10 unique restaurant themes ideas that will catch everyone’s attention.

Dine in the Dark

If you’re looking for an illuminating dining experience, this is not the place. In this restaurant, there is nothing but darkness.

Nocti Vagus in Berlin is Germany’s first “Dark Restaurant.” All the servers in Nocti Vagus are blind or visually impaired, which means Nocti Vagus is a great service to the society. As they’re already used to lack of visual guidance, they are perfect persons to serve customers in this restaurant.

The thought behind these dark restaurant concepts ideas is that without one of the senses, every other sense is improved. Every touch is sensational. The temperature of a hot dish is a suddenly a novelty. Flavors taste better and richer. When they turn off the lights, they turn up the experience.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Themes Ideas
Source – McGlynns Pub & Restaurant

Restaurant Themes Ideas Above Ground

A Belgian Dinner in the Sky is all an adventurous wonder, but also sophisticated enough to be a perfectly safe example of theme restaurant. Imagine dining at a table 45 meters above, being handled by a crew of professionals. This restaurant can go anywhere there is a securable surface of 500 square meters. The restaurant provides room for 22 people at the table, with three staff members in the center, and can stay elevated in the air for 8 hours at times. A very exclusive, breathtaking gem within the restaurant themes ideas trend.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Themes Ideas
Source – Dinner in the Sky

Volcanic Cooking

Let me tell you of some restaurant themes idea that you could have never expected:

El Diablo, or “The Devil,” is a very unprecedented project – food is cooked over an ACTIVE VOLCANO! Located on Lanzarote, a Spanish island, this restaurant cooks its meals over an active volcanic hole in the ground, where volcanic heat emits from deep within the earth. They take using natural resources to a whole new level by having built a big grill over the hole to cook large amounts of food at a time. The properties of this kind of heat source offer a unique way to cook with all its special taste.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Themes Ideas
Source – El Diablo Restaurant

Themes for Restaurant Interior – Quark’s Bar

Now this one is a real marvel among restaurant themes ideas.

Star Trek fans are already familiar with a TV show character Quark, his Bar and the real life replica that is located in the Las Vegas Hilton. It is a place where geeks are more frequent than who would not call themselves that.

With some redecoration, venues like this one also provide a great way to host restaurant theme nights.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Themes Ideas
Source – Quark’s Bar, Pinterest

Here’s 6 Other Great Restaurant Themes Ideas

1. Self-serve beer. With hundreds of beer on tap, Tapster in Chicago, Ill., will issue you a proprietary gift card. The gift card is used within tap machines that will track how much beer you consume. When you’re done, you return the gift card and pay according to how much you poured out. Ingenious – especially if you’re picky about how and which kind of beer is poured.

2. Take your guests to another worlds. Ninja New York in New York City, N.Y. sends guests to an underground maze, where their servers are ninjas who not only serve food but also perform magic tricks and regularly tumble around. It’s an experience like no other.

3. Win millennials with arcades. Maybe ordinary restaurants don’t woo local visitors in your area anymore. Instead, try opening an arcade! Beercade HQ in Nashville, Tenn. and Chicago, Ill. lets guests enjoy beer and arcade games like it was the 90s again.

4. Taste tests!. Blindfold guests, and make them guess what they’re eating. Dining in the Dark in New York and California blindfolds guests so their senses take over, and it’s truly a unique experience. Camaje in New York, N.Y. offers blindfolded-dining events in its cozy bistro.

5. Creative seating. While brainstorming restaurant themes ideas, have you ever thought about replacing chairs and tables? What about beds? Duvet was a great project providing seating on beds instead. Dinner was served on TV trays and giant-screen TVs broadcasted a “psychedelic swirl of soft colors.”

6. Feature changing chefs. Every month, introduce a different chef to stir up some innovation. City Grit in New York City, N.Y. has showcased over 200 guest chef dinners, featuring 19 James Beard Award Winners and 26 Finalists, helping introduce these up and coming chefs to the dining community. The Chefs’ Club, also in New York City, N.Y., also serves signature dishes from top world chefs.

We hope you’ve liked our restaurant themes list. We also have yet another article on that, which you can find more themes in here.


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