Finding a good restaurant location is much harder to find than some people think.

Not every available space is right for a good restaurant.

Some places that look perfect might also disappoint you because there are a lot of important things you need to think before choosing your restaurant location.

On the other hand, some places that you wouldn’t even think about might turn out to be a success.

To be fair, food and service are equally important for the success of a restaurant, but the restaurant location strategy is crucial when you’re starting out. It is important to attract customers that enjoy your restaurant and of course, the location.

It is important to attract customers that enjoy your restaurant and of course, the location.

Choosing The Right Restaurant Location

Here are some important steps to have in mind when you’re choosing the restaurant location:

1. Parking

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant out of town, you better have parking available.

…lot’s of parking available.

In most cases people are lazy and if the only way to come to your restaurant is to take a walk, many people will go somewhere else.

If you live in an area where everything is easily accessible and there is public transportation, then parking isn’t something that is really important.

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2. Stand out in the crowd

Make sure to choose a restaurant location that people can see.

You can do that by having a restaurant sign that is big or just making your restaurant visible to the public.

If there’s a lot of car traffic or a lot of people walking by, that place is definitely ideal.

It reminds a lot of people that your restaurant is open and they should stop by for dinner.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Location Stand Out
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3. Safety first

You need to be safe so you can safely run a restaurant. That means you have to check if your restaurant location has proper wiring, fire alarms, ramps, restrooms etc.

Safety is really important because one small mistake can be a devastating blow to your business.

To be safe of the location you’re planning to build your restaurant in, walk through the building with your local code enforcement officer so you can check the space before you do anything with it.

4. Competition

There might be some competition around you with restaurants that are similar to yours.

Sometimes that’s good, such as in industries where comparison shopping is popular. You may also catch the overflow from existing businesses, particularly if you’re located in a restaurant and entertainment area.

But if a nearby competitor is only going to make your marketing job tougher, look elsewhere for another restaurant location.

5. Style of restaurant

Is your restaurant going to be formal and elegant? Or kicked-back and casual?

Good location for business should be consistent with your particular style and image.

Following your style and using your creativity will attract like minded people that will love your restaurant.

Maybe you want to turn your restaurant into Star Wars themed place.

The point is – if you’re attracting people just by being different, you’re doing the right thing.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Location Theme
Source: Jedi’s Burger & Grill

6. Think about your decision

If you’re indecisive about the location you’re going to choose, give it some time.

Visit multiple locations and have options. Having options in situations like these is really important because you will know the advantages and disadvantages of every location you’ve visited.

This way it’s going to be easier for you to make a good decision that you won’t regret.

7. Be aware of your commitment

When you’re starting out, the best option you have for a lease is to take 2 or a 3-year lease so you can see how will your business grow.

Some people don’t like to think about it, but there is always a chance that your restaurant will fail. Think about the other expenses like payroll and equipment…

If you’re signing a lease that longer than 5 years and your restaurant fails, you’re still committed to paying rent even though you’re out of business.




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