No matter if you’re opening up your first restaurant or you’re already experienced restaurateur – let’s talk about restaurant advertising.

Not many restaurants these days have regular customers which allow them to survive without advertising.

In most cases, traditional advertising is pretty expensive and today everything is different. Every small business can start their social media advertising which is pretty easy and not that expensive.  

Using a few different social media platforms can reach a wide audience and help promote your restaurant in a viral word-of-mouth fashion. Here are some tips that might help you in your advertising.

1. Target your audience

Before you begin with restaurant advertising, you need to know what kind of people do you want in your restaurant.

Are you going to be a restaurant for families, do you want to attract business people or the after-hours crowd?

Your location can also help you with that.

When you know what audience do you want, you need to think of your starting budget. In cases where you’re starting out it is essential to not hold back and to invest in something you believe in.

Look at these restaurant advertisement ideas:

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Advertising Audience
Source: chipotle

2. Restaurant Advertising Through Social Media

Today, social media is a way to build a strong online presence.

This way of advertising builds up a relationship with your audience because you post things that they love and follow.

When you have loyal customers you will also start to attract potential customers that your social media advertising did for you. One of the best ways you can advertise your restaurant is on Facebook.

There are many more sites that can promote your business pretty good, but Facebook is currently the best.

The sites where you promote your restaurant online can build up an online identity where potential customers will know where they’re going, how much they’re paying and how was the experience for some other guests.

3. Advertising Through The Year

When managing restaurant advertising, you always need to follow what is currently happening in the world.

Whether it’s the start of spring or it’s Valentine’s day, somehow you need to connect that with your restaurant.

Make a special offer, make a meal that is only available that day and just be creative with the things that you’re offering.

Don’t forget to update your menus for different seasons, so your customers don’t get bored of your same meals through the whole year.

4. Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant promotions are great because they can run daily or weekly, all year long.

They offer the perfect opportunity to show customer appreciation and bring in some extra business at the same time.

Restaurant advertising through promotions is great because it can range from a nightly happy hour to an annual customer appreciation day, with drink and dinner specials.

Often the best restaurant promotions are kept simple but engaging.

Also, promotions can be traditional, such as two-for-one dinner specials or out of the ordinary, such as a name-the-microbrew beer contest.

Asking for customer participation makes them feel important (because they are, right?) and spreads goodwill among them.

In turn, they return to eat and drink at your restaurant and tell their friends to do the same.

You can also integrate promotions with your social media campaign.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Advertising Social
Source: foodchannel

For example, offer a contest for any customers who post a selfie at your restaurant on Instagram or Facebook. Anyone who does will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate, or a free t-shirt, etc.

This does two things: it invites customers to start a conversation about your restaurant with their social circle, showing how much they like it and it encourages others to like your pages and check out your business.

Advertising for a restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It can actually be really fun if you invite your customers to be part of it.

The key to good advertising is consistency.

Running ads and posting on social media on a regular basis will help keep your restaurant relevant online.



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