Choosing a restaurant name is the most important part of starting a restaurant business.

Restaurateurs that succeed are the ones who chose their restaurant’s name wisely.

There are many ways of choosing fancy restaurant names and you can always reflect on various things. The name can reflect your restaurant’s theme, its location or simply be a fun play on words.

The thing you need have in mind when choosing a restaurant name is how will the customers like it.

If the customers remember it and if they can easily find it, you did the right job.

We have outlined the core 5 things you should be looking when choosing a restaurant name. Let’s start with location…

1. Good Location – Good Restaurant Name

By opening up a restaurant in a good location, you can use that location to your advantage.

And pretty often naming a restaurant is simple.

To give you an example one restaurant is located in the former boiler room of an old New England shoe factory. Because of this link, the restaurant is now called The Boiler Room Restaurant.

People will easily remember it because of a good historic location. Most locals that go to the restaurant will always refer it to the old shoe shop. And it will also be a good tourist attraction because people will love that it was once a part of an old factory.

Some things also depend on how creative you can be with the location you choose your restaurant to be in, if you can attract locals just by choosing a perfect name, everything else will come along.

2. Following a Certain Theme

Before that, first, you need to decide what type of restaurant you want to be.

Then, choosing a restaurant name can also come from a theme or menu.

To give you an example of this, Chinese restaurants do this really good, with names like Fortune Fountain, The New Great Wall, Jade Palace.

Restaurateur News - Great Wall Restaurant Name Example
Source: Yelp

Every restaurant mentioned let customers know that they’re serving Chinese food so try to avoid calling your restaurant a name that isn’t suitable for your menu.

If you’re searching for an Indian restaurant name, calling the restaurant Los Hermanos will definitely confuse your customers, who may think you serve Mexican food.

Restaurant themes can be quite a good way to attract customers. Here are examples of restaurants based on one of your favorite movies.

3. Be Personal

People always love a good story. And opening a restaurant and giving it a good name also needs to have a good story.

In many situations, restaurant name is a reflection of the owner’s name or someone that the owner knows. Sometimes a restaurant name can come from someone in the family too, perhaps if you loved your grandmother’s cooking, you will honor her by opening a restaurant in her name.

Whatever your name is, you must always be prepared to share it with the rest of the world, because the public will definitely appreciate a good story behind a good restaurant.

4. Trying a Restaurant Pun

While puns are not the most popular choice by some people, when choosing restaurant names there are some pretty clever choices that you can make using puns.

Names like Catcher in The Rye, Cheesy Does It or Wok This Way all use a clever twist on words so you can easily remember the restaurant name.  

5. Don’t Use Trademarked Restaurant Names

Don’t give your restaurant a name that is already used in bigger franchises all over the world.

Sometimes you’re just asking for trouble if you choose a restaurant name that can be connected to an already existing restaurant.

If you have a daughter that is called Wendy, don’t call your restaurant that.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Name Trademark
Source: TripAdvisor

It may seem like a harmless thing to do, but you’re putting yourself in a risk for potential legal troubles. Find out more about how restaurant trademarks work.

There are many different ways of choosing a good restaurant name and these are just one of few. Always be unique, reflect your restaurant’s brand and have a good story that will resonate with the public.



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