Restaurant dining room is a part of a restaurant that’s of the most relevance to your current and future customers.

The type of a restaurant you’re running is affecting the restaurant dining room layout probably the most.

That’s why the chosen design will set the tone and the mood in which your patrons will dine.

Although aesthetics is important, it isn’t the only thing one should look after when setting up their dining room.

There’s more to it than putting a few tables and chairs. If you want your front of the house to look tip-top, here is the list of things to look after:


Restaurant Design

The first and the basic is a design. You have to decide which concept works best for you.

Modern or traditional, it doesn’t matter as long as it fits. Maybe it’s one big dining room or several smaller ones (if you want to create a more intimate atmosphere).

The arrangement of the tables and even the shapes and sizes all play their part in aesthetics. There are thousands of variation and each fits for a certain concept.

You certainly aren’t going to open a family restaurant and then arrange it with fifty tables for two people.

If you’re struggling with ideas, here is an article for outdoor restaurant design that might help you.

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Safety Regulations and Capacity

You can’t just put as many seats in a dining room as you like and open up shop. There are strict regulations about maximum seating capacity depending on the size of your dining room.

Detailed information on calculating appropriate seating capacity for you restaurant can be found here. The arrangement of the tables is also important.

There has to be enough spacing between tables and walls in order for waiters to serve food unobstructed (that includes both them and their meal carts).

On another matter, it’s desirable that the room has more than one exit, regarding the fire hazard and security regulations.

Hostess stand

This is the part of a restaurant a guest usually sees first. So it gives him the overall impression of the place he will be (or won’t be) eating at.

It is commonly found near the dining room or at the beginning of one. There are different styles but it’s usually just a tall counter.

Some are even equipped with a POS system or menus to give the patrons insight in today’s specials.

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Restaurant Dining Room Furniture

Material, shape, size, the look itself or possibly the color. All these play a role in choosing the perfect fit for your front of the house.

Again, it depends on the type of the restaurant you have in mind and just how deep your pockets are. Keep in mind that furniture gets dirty from time to time because of the clumsy guests.

If you’re short on funding and can’t afford the upkeep for the furniture, wood may seem like a good choice.

But if that’s not a problem, some nice fabric with a few details might just accomplish desired elegance in a restaurant dining room.

Restaurant bar

A place that’s usually connected to the restaurant dining room or just placed adjacent to it.

It’s most welcome to be as near to the guest as possible for the faster service and time-saving, but on the other hand slightly separated in a way you feel a difference between a bar and a dining room.

The bar also has the bar stools that should be comfortably distanced one from another giving each customer enough space.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Dining Room Bar
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