Chances are you are fed up with bland, ordinary, average looking restaurants that your neighborhood is packed with, but somehow there is not a single one out of the ordinary. As much as we dine out to alleviate hunger and those cravings for a certain type of dish, we also dine out to live great new experiences that help us know we’re even alive. Let us show you these impressive restaurant theme ideas that will make you want to visit the nearest restaurant you’ve never been to before, and also some themes for restaurant interior if you seek to redesign your own if you’re an owner.

Here is a list of some interesting restaurant theme ideas:

1. Opaque

One of the unique restaurant themes is definitely “Dining in the dark,” which has been featured in shows like The League, is more than just a TV trend.

Opaque aims to create a sensual dining experience by eliminating the sense of vision and focusing on the remaining senses.

Diners start the experience by ordering in a fully visible room and are then led into a completely dark dining room to enjoy their dish.

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2. Dinner in the Sky

Raise restaurant themes and concepts to a whole new height, literally.

Dinner in the Sky is a restaurant that customers can rent to make dinner at 30 to 35 miles above ground. Dinner in the Sky, available in many locations around the world, will provide several professional cooks to serve a dish for up to 23 guests.

If visitors can get past their fears of heights, Dinner in the Sky provides a stunning view!

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3. Barbie Cafe

Restaurant theme ideas for preschoolers: Barbie has her dream man, her dream home, and a great career, so why not try her luck as a restaurateur?

The world’s first Barbie restaurant opened in Taiwan in January 2013. The restaurant, in exact Barbie style, is tasseled in all pink, featuring chairs dressed in tutus and waitresses wearing tiaras.

Guests of Barbie Cafe can order pink cocktails, a variety of both eastern and western inspired entrees and pink macaroons for dessert.

Evidently, there’s something in restaurant theme ideas for everyone.

4. Decade Nights

Restaurant theme nights, even if often varied, are a very popular way of attracting more customers, or improving the experience of those already favoring the place.

Do you remember the ’80s: the decade that made us? Suggest to your guests to dress in their old fashion as they enter a roomful of soft disco light and dine on pineapple chicken and cheese logs.

You can repeat with other than just the eighties, too.

Restaurant theme ideas such as this one rarely go out of fashion for decades after.

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5. Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to wait for Love is in the Air to create a romantic setting.

You can say that the first Friday night of every month is your official Valentine’s Night, and before you know it, couples will be flocking to your candlelit tables and special deals for two.

Social media is also a great place to broadcast your themed restaurant once you implement some restaurant theme ideas.

6. Wine Tastings

You don’t even have to close the restaurant as a special occasion; simply advertise good deals on wines during particular nights and make it easy for customers to sample multiple wines at a discounted rate.

There will be customers you’ve never served before just due to this little nuance, but be sure to obtain proper alcoholic drink permits first.

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7. Ladies’ night

You’ve surely heard of these restaurant theme ideas before at the bars nearby. But did you know that it could work at your restaurant as well?

Once weekly, offer ladies specials on appetizers, drinks or desserts.

A free dessert with every main course, for example. This is also a plus for the guys too if they seek to pick up the tab.

This is also a plus for the guys too if they seek to pick up the tab.

8. Men’s night

Likewise, hosting a guy’s night is a good way to make your restaurant more prominent.

Guys are already up to hanging out with their friends watching a game, so why not give them one more good reason to choose your restaurant over your competition that hasn’t thought of any great restaurant theme ideas such as these.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this short restaurant themes list. Here are some other restaurant themes examples as well for you.

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