Whether searching for the right employee for your first business project, a pop up restaurant, or a full-fledged revered restaurant business, restaurateurs have asked themselves every time: “how to find a cook for my restaurant” and what makes for a perfect person for the restaurant chef job.

If you’re not a businessman, but an aspiring chef, maybe you’ve asked yourself how you could improve at what you do.

We’ve explored chef duties and responsibilities and present you a list of advice, whether you cook or run businesses.

5 Top Traits Every Chef Should Have

For a restaurant chef job, there are many talents a great chef should have, and here are some of them:

Leadership: The only way to run a kitchen efficiently is to have a stout chef who takes on the task of leading the set of operations that happen in a kitchen, especially by motivating and instructing other employees who work with food.

Such a person can and will make the process more streamlined and reduce mistakes employees make, and also develop other leaders in the process.

Finance oriented: If it’s the chef who will decide what kind of ingredients are bought when and where, they should have a trait for spending on a budget to avoid unneeded costs and improve your restaurant cashflow.

Experienced: While employing chefs fresh from culinary schools for a restaurant chef job may save you some finance on payroll and is generally looked upon with favor, having at least one very experienced chef can help you run your business much smoother and much more profitable.

Impressive cooking skills: Without a doubt, your chef’s most favorable talent will be the one about preparing great dishes. No restaurant can succeed without impressive cooking skills no matter what trick in the book it implements.

No restaurant can succeed without impressive cooking skills no matter what trick in the book it implements.

Consistently creating high-quality dishes: Consistency is key in this business: you cannot have the quality of dishes vary much each day or you will never develop a reputation among your customers.

Remember, customers like when they can suggest places to eat to their friends, or arrive on their own when they feel like having that one delicious dish only your restaurant can serve.

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5 Ways to plan a restaurant chef job:

Contact a chef recruiting agency.

Agencies represent a marketplace of employment of sort. These bring employers that seek great people for the job and the very people who could be interested.

Here is a nice restaurant chef job description sample.

Hire internally.

If there is a person who you’ve already employed for a certain task at your business, they could be in possession of great cooking skills and you might have been oblivious to that the whole time.

Look around, if you can find a perfect person for the restaurant chef job within your firm, then a lot of nuisance with hiring strangers could be avoided.

For example, the person would be less fearful of their new (same) boss and immediately perform well.

Viva voce advertising.

Talk to your suppliers; they could know a perfect candidate. Even though this isn’t as passive towards the masses, word of mouth can be one of the best techniques to find a candidate for the restaurant chef job.

Post an ad online.

Job posting websites are great for broadcasting a wide call to try and find potential great chefs. If you will still want to keep it silent that you are looking to hire, post anonymous job ads called “blind ads.”

By posting a blind ad you gain the advantage of scouring a large collection applicants without alerting current staff or competition.

Retain who you have.

Lastly, a lot of time and effort goes into hiring a chef. If you are able to do so, retain your current chef! By retaining your chef, it is possible to avoid the headaches and costs of trying to hire and train a replacement.

Taking strides to show appreciation, giving incentives, or promoting your chef’s name can go a long way in keeping that valuable employee on your payroll.

Hear these ten advices and you will definitely have an easier time dealing with the restaurant chef job problem.

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