Nowadays, a lot of people are applying for jobs at restaurants, but many fail to get the chance because of their poor restaurant skills resume.

It’s reasonable that more and more people are applying because the food serving business is well paid most times and you don’t need to go to college to get a job.

However, employers are usually looking for more experienced workers, whether if it’s a job in the back of the house or the front.

Not all positions in a restaurant demand the same skill set, but they are similar to each other.

The type of the restaurant you’re searching a job in also matters, but as mentioned before it isn’t a big difference between a fine restaurant worker or the one in a casual dinner.

People apply for different positions, but the agenda is always the same – to get the job.

So pay attention, because we picked the major ones that will make your restaurant skills resume blow your competition away.

Things to pay attention in the restaurant skills resume:


1. Multitasking

If you’re working in any restaurant that is earning good money, the chances are staff is way too busy for the better part of the shift.

It may not seem that way to a regular customer, but each plate that makes it to the table exchanges a lot of hands.

So multitasking is one of the most important food service skills for the resume. While the cooks are preparing several different meals at the back and watching not to overcook any of it, the waiters are serving certainly more than one customer at the dining area.

The point is, if you can’t deal with several issues at the time, maybe the restaurant business isn’t your cup of tea.

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2. Speed and Strength

Another thing that’s crucial for working in the restaurant. You can’t be a waiter if you aren’t able to bring more than two plates at the same time.

It also needs to be done fast because you can’t have your patrons waiting for you to drag your self to their table. In the end, that’s going to result in a poor tip which is another disadvantage.

The same works with the back of the house. Dishes have to be in and out of the dishwashers fast without chipping plates which require some precision as well.

3. Good Memory and Attention to Detail

When you’re working in a restaurant, there will be days when you’ll serve 3 or 4 tables at the time before you can dispatch the order to the kitchen.

When that 3 or 4 tables each have more than five people sitting it won’t be easy to remember each request.

So the best advice is just to write it down. You also need to keep an eye on special request for people with allergies or religious beliefs that can’t eat a certain food.

You can’t allow a scandal because you accidentally served a Muslim with pork, or almost killed a guy because you brought him something he is allergic to.

4. Communication and Friendliness

Communication skills (which means listening and speaking) will make your customers feel like your job is to completely dedicate yourself to them.

So, put on a smile and carefully take an order without too many complications. You can check on your patrons at the end of the main course to see if everything is alright, but don’t bother them every five seconds.

Otherwise, you’ll make a contra effect. The same skills are also desirable to have as a manager.

After all, he’s the one that controls the staff and if he’s friendly that will spread the good vibe through the restaurant.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Skills Resume Review Friendly Waiter
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5. Problem Solving

This one is not easy at all, but it’s important to have on your restaurant skills resume.

During your working hours at a restaurant, you’re going to find yourself in unpleasant situations with angry customers and have to try to fix it.

Remember that you’re here for the customer and not the other way around. Just try to keep calm and involve the manager in the situation.

The full article on dealing with angry customers can be found here.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Skills Resume Review Angry Customer
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A person who possesses the listed skills is a dream of every manager. When you apply for the job with this restaurant skills resume, no one in their right mind will turn you down.

And who knows, maybe the job gets you a few new skills learned to work in a restaurant.

If you’re looking for an example of the resume you can find a sample on the link.


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