There is a tonne of reasons people are getting fired everywhere in the world every day. The restaurant business isn’t much different on that matter.

There are several types of employees and employee contracts upon which depends how easy it is for your employer to fire your ass.

If you’re covered with some sort of employment contract you’re in a better position than a person working without it.

Basically, that means they can be put in a situation of getting fired without a cause, while you can’t.

Drug and alcohol use/possession at work

Taking drugs and coming to work intoxicated is a serious offense. Possession or usage of drugs, it doesn’t matter. If you get caught, that’s your ticket out.

It works the same way with booze. If your manager sees you working under influence, maybe you aren’t getting fired right away, but if that behavior continues, don’t expect anything else.

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Stealing is a ticket for getting fired

You can steal pretty much anything at a restaurant. From all the available inventory to the cash at the cash register.

It doesn’t matter which one is it, if you get caught you aren’t working at that restaurant anymore.

Restaurant employee theft is more common than you think. To read more about this subject click here.

Bad performance

Every worker is expected to do their job to the point and nothing less. If a worker is slacking off, the manager will notice eventually and probably warm him.

When that behavior continues the easiest thing a manager can do is hire somebody else and get rid of you.

Not following orders

An employee isn’t a slave and doesn’t have to agree with everything a manager says, but there is a limit to that as well.

Insoburdination won’t be tolerated and repeated disobeyal of following managers instructions will certainly lead to your job loss.

If you disagree with your manager’s opinion don’t undermine his authority. Express your opinion civilized and work out a solution.

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This includes all sorts of unallowed behaviors in your workplace. Unethical behavior, employee abuse, sexual harassment are just some of the examples that will certainly get you fired and maybe even earn you a lawsuit.

It’s just a bad influence and nobody will tolerate that kind of person as a staff member. Especially if that means discomforting your other coworkers.

Online activities

Be careful what you write on social media. Everybody has access these days, even your boss. Don’t write negative things about your employment, your job, or your boss.

Your only discrediting your workplace on risk getting yourself fired this way. If you have a need to talk trash about that sort of stuff, do it behind closed doors.


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