Whether if it’s for new restaurant owners or for existing ones, it’s always handy to have a chart of accounts for restaurant.

Surely, it’s gonna help you to run your business better when you have all your revenues and expenditures summarised in one place.

Actually, chart of accounts for restaurant isn’t so different from the chart of accounts for a coffee shop or bakery chart of accounts.

The main items (like assets, revenue, expenses etc.) mostly stay the same, they just vary sub items depending on the type of service your facility is offering.

In today’s time, there are various types of software designed to help owners manage their restaurant’s business, but many small restaurant owners decide to run their own books in order to save money.

Restaurateur News - Chart Of Accounts For Restaurants Simplified Bookkeeping
Source: AMHCU Bookkeeping Services

The programs aren’t customized for specific needs of individual business and don’t have all the required categories organized. Because of that, they aren’t practical to use and that’s why we listed the most common items every restaurant owner should keep an eye on.

Most Important Chart of Accounts for Restaurant


  • Cash (main checking account)
  • Cash (payroll account)
  • Merchant Deposit Account
  • Checks Received
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Food Inventory
  • Meat Inventory
  • Poultry Inventory
  • Seafood Inventory
  • Dairy Inventory
  • Bakery Inventory
  • Frozen Inventory
  • Grocery Dry & Canned Inventory
  • Beverage Inventory
  • Liquor Inventory
  • Beer Inventory
  • Wine Inventory
  • Merchandise Inventory
  • Bar & Consumable Inventory
  • Fixed assets
  • Land & Building
  • Automobile
  • Furniture Fixtures & Equipment
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Accumulated Depreciation
  • Capitalized Start Up Expenses
  • Security Deposits
  • Other assets



  • Accounts Payable
  • Credit Card
  • Sales Tax Payable
  • Second Tax Payable
  • Payroll Liabilities
  • Second Payroll Liability
  • Tips held
  • Gift cards & certificates
  • Customer Credits
  • Notes Payable
  • Other debt



  • Sales Revenue
  • Food Sales
  • Beverage Sales
  • Liquor Sales
  • Beer Sales
  • Wine Sales
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Catering & contracts
  • Other Operating Income



  • Inventory Loss/Waste
  • Labor related expenses
  • Employee Wages
  • Contract Labor
  • Commissions paid
  • Employee Benefits
  • Workers Comp Insurance
  • Employers Payroll Taxes
  • Payroll processing expense
  • Direct Operating Expenses
  • China – Glassware – Flatware
  • Restaurant & Kitchen Supply
  • Cleaning Supply & Expense
  • Decorations & Guest Supply
  • Laundry – Linen – Uniforms
  • Fees – Permits – Licenses
  • Pest – Security – other contracts
  • POS – Tech support – Online services
  • Marketing
  • Media & Print advertising
  • Promotional events
  • Automobile & travel
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Utilities
  • Telephone & net connection
  • General and Administrative
  • Bad Debts – Over/short
  • Bank fees
  • Insurance
  • Interest
  • Professional fees
  • Rent and Occupancy costs
  • Sales tax paid on purchases
  • Amortization
  • Other expenses
  • Income tax


It’s obvious there are a lot of items an owner or financial manager needs to look after so he can keep his enterprise stable and know what every dime is spent on. That’s why char of accounts for restaurant will help you get more organized and

That’s why the chart of accounts for the restaurant will help you get more organized and consequentially save time and money.

The listed chart is just a summary of the most common items used in the restaurant business. It can always be upgraded and updated the way you see fit to.

If you want more entries to your chart, you can find more thorough restaurant chart of account .xls file here.

But remember to keep it as simple as possible. You don’t want to get lost in the vast sea of data where a lot of items are overlapping, causing you to waste your time in the end.

Restaurateur News - Chart Of Accounts For Restaurant Simplified Data
Source: Vivace Health Solutins Inc.








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