Restaurant workstations are areas in the kitchen where a particular set of tasks is completed. It is usually designed for one worker, but they come in all shapes and sizes.

The number of restaurant workstations is highly dependant upon the types of dishes offered on the menu.

They’re set up in a way to be easily accessible and not to take too much space, while on the other hand be near supplies that are needed at a certain workstation to save time.

Some of the stations that are about to be listed can be combined to save money and space or if there is no need for them to be separated.

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Fry Station

The fry station is mostly used in fast food restaurants but can be found in a lot of other establishments as well. It’s used for French fries, chicken wings, fried onion rings etc.

It comes with its own equipment such as fry baskets, bowls, and their own freezers lately. That became common practice since the food entering fry station is mostly frozen.

Fry stations are usually operated by inexperienced workers with less experience which use it as a stepping stone for a better position in the kitchen.

Restaurateur News - Restaurant Workstations Fry Station
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Grill station

Grill station consists grill, cooler for grill items, grill brush and other minor additions depending on the type of the grill.

It’s a certainly a step up from the fry station regarding the cook’s position.

Grill station requires more experience and knowledge which is why it is operated by more a more experienced cook.

Most times he has to cook three, four (or even more) meals at a time and watch that every one of them isn’t overcooked or burnt.

Sauté Station

This one is usually occupated by the main chef since it demands a lot of experience to be perfectly cooked.

Saute is a type of frying which is a dry heat method of cooking requiring high heat and some sort of liquid fat to cook with.

The sauté stations are equipped with sauté pans and tongs, high heat burners and most of the times their own prep area.

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Restaurateur News - Restaurant Workstations Saute
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Kitchen Line

Typically situated at the entrance of the kitchen to be closer to servers who come and pick up the food.

Kitchen lines in better restaurants have heating lamps to keep the food warm until it reaches its destination at customers table

They also contain plates and boards with pins to keep the food organized and avoid any misunderstandings.



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